Utah Video Production Blog 4: Steven Spielberg’s ingredient to success

“The one ingredient I bring to all of my films is the ability to listen to anybody who has a good idea on the production. I’m very collaborative with actors, with my writers, with my editor, my cinematographer, with Johnny Williams who does all of my scores. And I just think from a very young age my parents taught me probably the most valuable lesson of my life – sometimes it’s better not to talk, but to listen.” -Steven Spielberg (imdb.com) 

Spielberg has been around the block once or twice…:) Its interesting that out of all things about himself that he could have attributed his success to, it was not creativity, work ethics, or even his leadership, but rather he attributes his success to his ability to listen.

We have seen it time and time again at Rescue 1 Studios that even the best ideas can be made better through a little collaboration. We love and welcome our clients feedback!