Utah Video Production Blog 35: Transformers 4 Kills it at the Box Office

Transformers: Age of Extinction had a huge weekend at the box office with over $100 million gross! This is the biggest box office opening weekend for a film in 2014, surpassing Captain America: The Winter Soldier which grossed $95 million on its opening weekend. 



Utah Video Production Blog 34: Commercial Appearance & Ticket Giveaway!!!

[vimeo 98461530 w=1280 h=720]

Happy Fourth of July!

To celebrate America, Rescue 1 Studios is giving your family and/or friends a chance to appear in an Independence Day TV commercial and receive up to 6 free tickets to Logan’s 2014 Freedom Fire Fireworks Show at Romney Stadium.

To have the chance to win all you have to do is like the Rescue 1 Studios Facebook page!

If you have previously liked our page, please share this post and you will also be entered to win. Winner will be chosen and contacted via Facebook on July 1st. Good luck! 

Utah Video Production Blog 33: Upcoming Movies for 2015

Even though it is only summer, it is never too late to look forward to the upcoming movies of 2015. Here is a list of notable movies coming our way in 2015.

Avengers: Age of Ultron


The Avengers reassemble to battle the sentient robot known as Ultron. Currently scheduled to be in theaters May 2015.


Star Wars: Episode VIIL


A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set 30 years after Return of the Jedi. And yes, Harrison Ford will be acting in the film. Currently scheduled to be in theaters December 2015.

Jurassic World


The plot is currently unknown. Currently scheduled to be in theaters June 2015.

Fast & Furious 7


Ian Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his crew for the death of his brother. It will be interesting to see how things come together as Paul Walker passed away while the movie was still being made. Currently scheduled to be in theaters April 2015.



The story of “Cinderella” follows the fortunes of young Ella whose merchant father remarries following the tragic death of her mother. Currently scheduled to be in theaters March 2015.

Pitch Perfect 2


A sequel to the 2012 musical comedy that follows Fat Amy and Beca through their senior year at Barden University. Currently scheduled to be in theaters May 2015.



A scientist enlists a thief to safeguard his size-changing technology, and also to create a superhero who will defend the world. Currently scheduled to be in theaters July 2015.

Terminator: Genesis


The plot is undisclosed at this time. Currently scheduled to be in theaters July 2015.

Jupiter Ascending


In the future, a young destitute human woman gets targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe, and begins her destiny to finish the Queen’s reign. Currently scheduled to be in theaters February 2015.


Utah Video Production Blog 32: Transformers: Age of Extinction Behind the Scenes

This clip goes behind the scenes of Transformers: Age of Extinction. Check out the explosions, fast-paced set, and the Hong Kong set that is actually filmed in Detroit. Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters this Friday. 


Utah Video Production Blog 31: ESPN Debuts Futuristic SportsCenter Set

ESPN debuted its “future-proofed” new SportsCenter set on Sunday night, the crown jewel in a massive new digital facility that cost a reported $125 million.

Stuart Scott and Steve Levy anchored the first broadcast on the shiny new set, surrounded by dozens of video monitors and accompanied by a reworked SportsCenter theme. The pair joked about the cavernous space, with Scott making echo noises during one segment to reflect his distance from Levy.

But the futuristic set may have been overshadowed on Sunday night by the debut of ESPN’s revamped Bottom Line. While the set is out of view during highlight packages and taped pieces, the ticker is omnipresent, scrolling throughout the show.

The new look is sharp and clean, with obvious inspiration from Apple products. It features a new, bigger font (called Swiss), brighter colors for team logos and a smoother scroll. The same font and style is also being used for graphics packages.

The old Bottom Line and SportsCenter graphics were perfectly acceptable, but this is a clear upgrade.

The debut of the new set comes 10 years after the last SportsCenter overhaul. That studio had 15 monitors. The new one has 114. This allowed Levy and Scott to be more mobile during the first show. In addition to the usual desk duty, the hosts stood in front of various monitors while introducing packages. It felt as if they weren’t in the same spot twice.

The new studio is part of Bristol’s new Digital Center-2, a 194,000-square-foot building that will eventually house five studios. (In comparison, the average Costco warehouse is about 143,000 square feet). It took 1,100 miles of fiber optic cable and 247 miles of copper cable to get the set operational. ESPN says the “buildings infrastructure is future proof and can handle all existing media formats and future industry standards.”


The look may have been different, but the format of the show was unchanged. Levy and Scott reviewed a day of World Cup highlights, Michelle Wie’s U.S. Open win and a full slate of baseball. Yet even on a packed sports day, the star of the show was the new digs.

Levy joked at the top that he had the keys to a luxury sports car but hadn’t read the owner’s manual. It was a prophetic line. The duo were fine behind the wheel, but gave the impression that they barely took it out first gear.

“I think the SportsCenter we do on Sunday night will look vastly different to three months from now,” Levy told The Hollywood Reporter last week. “Mistakes happen, they happened on the old set and they will on the new set. There are going to be some growing pains and a feeling-out phase.”

ESPN debuts futuristic 'SportsCenter' set and revamped ticker

Utah Video Production Blog 30: Box Office Stats June 20-22

Think Like a Man Too was the leader at the box office this last weekend. Also, Maleficent and How to Train Your Dragon 2 remained in the top five. We are looking forward to Transformers: Age of Extinction coming to theaters this Friday.




Utah Video Production Blog 29: Historically Inaccurate Things In Films

Some films based on historical events do really well at the box office. This doesn’t mean that everything portrayed in these films is always historically accurate. Here are some interesting things that we found to be inaccurate. 


Although it may be true that Pocahontas intervened to save John Smith’s life, she was only around 10 or 11 when she did so. This is contrary to how she is portrayed in the movie as she is portrayed as a teenager. It also is very unlikely that love blossomed between John Smith and Pocahontas as their relationship was most likely just a friendship.

Pearl Harbor: 

When the Japanese attack, Rafe and Danny quickly jump into their planes to shoot down the enemy. They end up surviving and are sent to bomb Tokyo. Historians have said that the portrayal of Rafe and Danny shooting down dozens of planes during the attack is not very accurate as the real U.S. pilots hit much fewer planes. Also, no fighter pilots would have been sent to to Tokyo to serve as bomber pilots.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

Indiana Jones rushes to Berlin in order to save his father’s diary from the Nazi’s public book burning. The issue here is that the movie takes place in 1938 while the mass book burning happened in 1933. 


There is a scene in the movie where Howard Hughes orders 10 chocolate chip cookies. The problem is that this scene takes place in 1928 while chocolate chip cookies weren’t invented until the 1930’s.


In the film, Emperor Marcus Aurelius doesn’t trust his son, Commodus, and instead taps Maximus (an esteemed general) to take over and return Rome to the old Republic. Historians disagree with the notion that Aurelius would have wanted a return to the old Republic. Also, Commodus was younger and more physically fit than depicted, married and didn’t commit patricide.

Saving Mr. Banks:

In this film, P.L. Travers travels to Los Angeles to speak with Walt Disney about giving him the rights to film Mary Poppins. This is inaccurate as Disney already had been given the rights to film the movie before Travers traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Disney.




Utah Video Production Blog 28: Star Wars Visual Effects Behind The Scenes

Check out this behind the scenes visual effects clip of Star Wars! It is interesting to see how things were done in the 1970’s as opposed to how they are done now with improved technology. 


Utah Video Production Blog 27: Walking Dead Season 5 Speculations From Cast

Season 4 of the award winning series Walking Dead was a major hit as there were 15.7 million viewers that watched the season finale in March. Season 5, which is returning to AMC in October, should be an exciting season for viewers. Here are some speculations for season 5 from the cast.



Utah Video Production Blog 26: Box Office Stats June 13-15

The top grossing film at the box office this weekend was 22 Jump Street. Both 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2 were new to theaters on Friday June 13, 2014.