Utah Video Production Blog 69: 15 Most Expensive Video Props For Sale In 2015

Article from therichest.com

It takes a variety of ingredients to make a legendary blockbuster hit. Great actors, a stellar script and some killer special effects are incredibly important; but a memorable, visually impressive set is a crucial part of the blockbuster recipe. And when the director shouts his final ‘cut’ and the iconic sets are dismantled, a goldmine of memorabilia is left behind.

From the actor and actresses’ costumes, to the massive on-set props that make the films look and feel real to movie viewers, movie props come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes. However large or small the props, they’re almost always highly detailed and intricately made, to add authenticity to the movie.

When props are preserved after filming is complete, they become memorabilia for the fans of the movie, which means that they’re often worth a lot of money. For the avid movie fan, even outlandishly expensive movie props are worth the cost, and some props cost nearly as much as house. Here are the most expensive movie props for sale as of 2015; is there anything here from your favourite movie?

Figures and some images courtesy of PropStore.

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