Utah Video Production Blog 86: 14 Actors Who Didn’t Want To Kiss Their Co-Stars


For the sake of fame and a fat paycheck, many actors have to move heaven and earth to be able to pull off a role they’re playing as successfully as possible. Matthew McConaughey had to shed off a frightening amount of weight for his role as an AIDS victim in Dallas Buyers’ Club. Renee Zellweger had to gain a copious amount of weight for her part as the feisty, yet awkward Bridget Jones. Of course, there are action roles where the actors put their lives and safety at risk as they perform death-defying stunts if they choose not to have stunt doubles. And then there are the romantic scenes.

For actors to be able to pull off a really great love scene, they have to have tons of chemistry and at least get along off-screen. Because imagine how difficult it is to have to kiss and pretend to make love in front of the cameras with someone you despise? Yet, even the friendliest of co-stars have attested to being quite uncomfortable to kissing each other. And some, like these actors, have had some downright negative things to say about their onscreen kissing partners.

Utah Video Production Blog 84: Behind the Scences of Divergent

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Utah Video Production Blog 83: 12 Most Inspired Script Moments In Movie History


“Are you talking to me?”

Movies have the power to draw viewer in, to bring the audience’s wildest imagination to life. In order to successfully suspend disbelief and transport the viewers to a world they’d never want to leave, a talented scribe is needed.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Writers craft something special, something endearing, shocking and entertaining that stays with the audience long after the credits have rolled. Above all, a writer succeeds when he pens a scripted moment that posterity will remember.

“I see dead people.”

It’s not easy to create memorable characters that fit perfectly into a quality film, but with a few good quotes and amazing deliveries, movie magic can be made. Threats, jokes, revelations; the sense of wonder and an emotional punch. The following movie quotes are some of the best the cinematic world has to offer. They’re engraved in popular culture, passed on from generation to generation, preserving a film’s legacy and historical impact in the world of cinema.

Utah Video Production Blog 82: Mission Impossible 5


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Utah Video Production Blog 81: The Most Shocking Scenes In Kids Movies



Children are born into the world innocent with a sense of wonder. Many children’s movies play to their need to see the hero win, a happy ending, and everything right with the world. They focus on playful tales of animals and fairies with lighthearted drama that is easily resolved, but other movies are not afraid to show children the way that the world really is. With dark themes of loss, death, and hopelessness these movies showcase the tragedy of life right in the heart of kid’s movies which sometimes leaves generations of children scarred by the nightmarish scenes in their favorite movies. These are the most shocking scenes in kid’s movies that surprisingly made the final cut and into theaters to drive our childhood nightmares into overdrive.

Utah Video Production Blog 79: 10 Actors You Didn’t Know Were Almost In The Office

The Office premiered on NBC in March 2005, and introduced the world to some of the most memorable characters in television history, including Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert. It was the talented actors behind these colorful characters that brought the boring 9:00 to 5:00 office job to life. For eight seasons, these characters made us cry, made us laugh, made us cringe, and even made us want to work in an office. Prior to taking on the roles of Michael, Dwight, Jim and Pam – actors, Steve CarellRainn WilsonJenna Fischer and John Krasinski were essentially unknowns aside from Carell who had landed supporting roles in the comedies Bruce Almighty and Anchorman. However, thanks to the success of the show, these actors were skyrocketed into stardom, turning their character’s names and their real names into household names. We’ll always identify Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, and John and Jenna as Jim and Pam, because their portrayals of these characters were so genuine that for us – they seemed real. It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the roles of the famous Dunder-Mifflin staff, but back in 2003, NBC auditioned several now well-known actors. They didn’t make the cut, but they were pretty darn close.

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Utah Video Production Blog 78: 15 Of The Strangest Gifts Celebs Received From Their Fans

Being a celebrity comes with quite a number of perks. You get fabulous clothes, lavish jewelry, outrageous gift baskets and sponsorships, along with a swarm of fans who can’t wait to express their undying love for you, just to scratch the surface. You also hear about those awesome swag baskets that are given to celebrities who attend the Oscars, filled with a serious amount of goodies.

But, just like anything else that is good in the world, there is a downside that comes along with being a celebrity. Along with all the perks, you also wind up with a lot of problems that are so far removed from reality, they can almost make it feel not worth the perks. The lack of privacy in the lives of celebrities is responsible for creating a very blurry line for fans that makes it difficult for many to understand the difference of admiration and just plain obsession. On one hand, most 12 year old girls can empathize with sending a letter or a small token of their “love” to their favorite member of the boy band whom they just can’t get enough of. But not everything that celebrities receive from their fans is always so innocent. Sometimes it’s just plain bizarre. Others, it’s flat out dangerous.

The following 15 celebrities received some of the strangest fan mail imaginable. From dead animals to human skin and even live babies, these stories will make you rethink any time you thought it would be cool to be famous.


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Utah Video Production Blog 77: The 15 Most Exciting Fight Scenes in Film


If there’s one unequivocal positive about action films, it’s the adrenaline rush it injects into viewers as we sit on the couch munching popcorn. While directors such as Michael Bay have diluted the lot with mindless plots and exhausting action sequences, there are plenty of quality action films out there worthy of your time.

While a strong story can vault an average fight scene into greatness simply by capitalizing on our emotions, some stand on their own with expert choreography and devastating finishing blows. Sometimes it’s enough to digest even the sourest of films, but it needs to be something special to pull that off. There’s something primal and conclusive about two combatants squaring off in a test of physical and mental strength. Other times it’s a single fighter against dozens upon dozens of henchmen, and that’s fun too. There are no rules—well, for the most part—in these fights. It’s a battle of endurance and technical prowess.

Bruce Lee said it best when he explained the nature of fighting: “When you fight, if it is a real fight, use every tool that you have, use your whole body. Use your fists, your legs, your fingers, your head if you have to, and hit them in every vulnerable spot, the balls, the eyes etc. to win.”

With that in mind, this list will countdown the 15 best fight scenes in film and what makes them so entertaining. There’s a little bit of everything here, whether it’s a one-on-one battle or a one versus all brawl. Just sit back, play your favourite action movie and enjoy. Oh, you’re also invited to yell at me for not adding your favourite fight scenes, too.


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