Utah Video Production Blog 71: 10 Long Gone TV Shows That Still Define Pop Culture

Article from http://www.therichest.com/

While we all have our favorite shows that we love to watch, let’s face it, we often miss the old ones. Some television shows have been more than entertainment, they’ve become a part of who we were. Here are ten shows that, while they have been long cancelled and off the air (well new ones, most popular shows are almost always in syndication or at least available on Netflix), they are still a part of the cultural lexicon. And it’s not just about the random pop culture reference here and there, we use catch phrases from these shows all the time. And those phrases are so popular, they’ re not just in the Urban Dictionary, but in printed dictionaries as well.

But, it’s not just about words. It’s about the characters we see ourselves in. This is especially true of one of the shows on this list. While it only ran for 94 episodes, plus two films and a third rumored, women still ask themselves which of the four main characters they are most like. But it’s not just the ladies; it’s the men who often think they are wise guys, like the cast of another one of the shows on the list. But, their wives andgoomas might think differently. There’s one thing all the shows on the list have in common, everyone wishes they were still on the air. We can always hope for spinoffs or reunions, at the very least.