Utah Video Production Blog 73: 14 Incredible Trailers That Were Better Than The Movie

Article from http://www.therichest.com

Making trailers is an intricate art that can, in fact, make or break a movie. Just the right clip, edited in a certain way, can twist, turn and manipulate even the worst flick into a box office hit.

It’s not enough to just edit together a few choice bits of action and pithy dialogue and expect box office gold. These days, teaser trailers and first and second cuts of full trailers are all examined and reviewed just as much and even more than the movie. Currently, the internet is abuzz as it dissects every millisecond of the first new Star Wars trailer for clues as to plot, characters and possible failings.

Given the power of the trailer, it’s no surprise then that there have been plenty of trailers out there that outshone their long-form versions. Not that the movies weren’t sometimes okay, or even great. It’s just that the trailer is so gosh-darn fantastic, the final product was an inevitable anticlimax. Here are fourteen of the truest example of this phenomenon.