Utah Video Production Blog 78: 15 Of The Strangest Gifts Celebs Received From Their Fans

Being a celebrity comes with quite a number of perks. You get fabulous clothes, lavish jewelry, outrageous gift baskets and sponsorships, along with a swarm of fans who can’t wait to express their undying love for you, just to scratch the surface. You also hear about those awesome swag baskets that are given to celebrities who attend the Oscars, filled with a serious amount of goodies.

But, just like anything else that is good in the world, there is a downside that comes along with being a celebrity. Along with all the perks, you also wind up with a lot of problems that are so far removed from reality, they can almost make it feel not worth the perks. The lack of privacy in the lives of celebrities is responsible for creating a very blurry line for fans that makes it difficult for many to understand the difference of admiration and just plain obsession. On one hand, most 12 year old girls can empathize with sending a letter or a small token of their “love” to their favorite member of the boy band whom they just can’t get enough of. But not everything that celebrities receive from their fans is always so innocent. Sometimes it’s just plain bizarre. Others, it’s flat out dangerous.

The following 15 celebrities received some of the strangest fan mail imaginable. From dead animals to human skin and even live babies, these stories will make you rethink any time you thought it would be cool to be famous.


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