Utah Video Production Blog 83: 12 Most Inspired Script Moments In Movie History


“Are you talking to me?”

Movies have the power to draw viewer in, to bring the audience’s wildest imagination to life. In order to successfully suspend disbelief and transport the viewers to a world they’d never want to leave, a talented scribe is needed.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Writers craft something special, something endearing, shocking and entertaining that stays with the audience long after the credits have rolled. Above all, a writer succeeds when he pens a scripted moment that posterity will remember.

“I see dead people.”

It’s not easy to create memorable characters that fit perfectly into a quality film, but with a few good quotes and amazing deliveries, movie magic can be made. Threats, jokes, revelations; the sense of wonder and an emotional punch. The following movie quotes are some of the best the cinematic world has to offer. They’re engraved in popular culture, passed on from generation to generation, preserving a film’s legacy and historical impact in the world of cinema.