Utah Video Production Blog 86: 14 Actors Who Didn’t Want To Kiss Their Co-Stars


For the sake of fame and a fat paycheck, many actors have to move heaven and earth to be able to pull off a role they’re playing as successfully as possible. Matthew McConaughey had to shed off a frightening amount of weight for his role as an AIDS victim in Dallas Buyers’ Club. Renee Zellweger had to gain a copious amount of weight for her part as the feisty, yet awkward Bridget Jones. Of course, there are action roles where the actors put their lives and safety at risk as they perform death-defying stunts if they choose not to have stunt doubles. And then there are the romantic scenes.

For actors to be able to pull off a really great love scene, they have to have tons of chemistry and at least get along off-screen. Because imagine how difficult it is to have to kiss and pretend to make love in front of the cameras with someone you despise? Yet, even the friendliest of co-stars have attested to being quite uncomfortable to kissing each other. And some, like these actors, have had some downright negative things to say about their onscreen kissing partners.