Utah Video Production 90: 10 Characters Who Improvised Awesome Movie Moments



All movies are a combination of elements that go into creating the whole; from the acting performances, the directing, editing and filming, as well as other important parts such as marketing. However, one of the most important parts of any film is the script. This is the indispensable component to a movie that sets out exactly what will take place and works as a reference for everyone working on the project, so they can all work together effectively to tell the story.

The best scriptwriters will plan out the plot meticulously and give plenty of detail for the actors to follow. That doesn’t mean that scripts are entirely set in stone though, they can be a framework rather than a definite manual that must be followed at all times. The writers may make amendments to a screenplay during shooting to better suit the cast or to make last minute changes to the story. Other times though, actors may just ad-lib during a take.

These improvisations give talented performers the perfect opportunity to show off their creative skills without the restrictions of a script. Sometimes it might just come about because they can’t remember the proper line or because they think another idea is better, and in some cases, they might even be encouraged to deviate from the script by the director. Regardless, these unscripted moments can often lead to some great cinematic moments that end up greatly improving the film.