Utah Video Production Blog 99: The 12 Most Popular TV Shows Of All Time


Television shows can define a generation. As new storylines are constantly pitched and it seems like a new series debuts every couple months, some shows make quick appearances and aren’t able to sustain viewers for more than a season. A few standout achievements in television, however, stick around for years. Now, online viewing platforms such as Netflix and Hulu have revolutionized TV viewing and have made thousands of these well-loved episodes available to viewers at any time of the day, long after they’ve gone off the air.

The popularity of a certain series can be measured in many different ways — longevity, viewership and its place in daily life, to name a few. A lot of popular shows have viewing parties and die hard fans who get attached to plot lines. People take their shows pretty seriously.

It seems like everyone has a few shows they love. They talk about them with their friends, reference jokes and catch every episode when it airs. If by chance they happen to miss it, they refuse to let anyone talk about the episode in their presence. You most likely have a few shows that you love too. Check below to see if any of your favorites made the list of the most popular shows of all time!