Utah Video Production Blog 101: 10 Awesome Characters That (Almost) Redeemed Terrible Movies


The process of making a movie is a complex one – especially in the modern world, when special effects are often so important in completing the production process. However, even with all this technology and the endless smoke and mirrors, the timeless factors that generally determine whether a movie is great or terrible or anything in are, of course, the plot and the characters.

Characters, in particular, are essential to a movie’s success – a Hollywood offering is made or broken depending on how strong and relatables its leading personalities are. They are the heart of the movie and the aspect of any given production that audiences can relate to most.

The best and most memorable characters in movie history – the likes of Hannibal Lecter, Scarlett O’Hara, Indiana Jones, Norman Bates, Vito Corleone, The Joker or James Bond – tend to come from popular movies that, for one reason or another, are considered to be great. That isn’t always the case, however.

Some movies can be absolutely terrible, but may be marginally redeemed by one key character who’s so great, he or she actually makes the awful movie watchable. These are ten such rare and awesome characters, who were encumbered by otherwise terrible movies.