Utah Video Production Blog 106: 11 Best Scenes To Expect In Upcoming Marvel Movies


The rich history of comic books means that any movie based on comic book characters have a lot of material to utilise and fall back on. As a result, a lot of iconic comic book scenes have already been depicted in such movies. Peter Parker being bitten by a spider, Tony Stark’s kidnapping, Bucky Barnes waking up as the Winter Soldier and Bane breaking Batman’s back are just a few examples of such classic comic scenes that have been immortalised on screen.

The future of comic book movies looks bright, with the likes of Marvel and DC now having plans in place for movies as far forward as 2019 (in Marvel’s case) and 2020 (in DC’s case) and that opens the doors for countless more classic comic book scenes to be depicted in live action.

Given that we know exactly what those films are going to be in both companies’ cases, it’s not difficult to take a stab at some of the best comic book moments fans will be seeing recreated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, in future. The following are eleven awesome comic book scenes that die hard fans are expecting to see on the big screen.