Utah Video Production Blog 133: 10 Stars From The ’90s Who Are Still Relevant Today

Countless big stars from the 1990s ended up fading into obscurity, going from household names to someone you vaguely recognize but can’t quite place. Many former ’90s stars made it big while they were quite young, and just never ended up succeeding in the entertainment industry as adults. Others were known for one particular show and could never shake their iconic role. Regardless of the reason, there are a lot of 90s stars that end up all but disappearing from Hollywood, going on to live plain, boring, regular lives.

However, there are a few exceptions, stars that managed to make it big and continue their fame and success for decades. Some stars on this list have remained in the spotlight pretty much continuously; others have taken a brief hiatus, stepped back for a period of time, and then returned in a blaze of glory.

When you think of former 90s stars, you probably have nostalgic memories of curly phony cords, scrunchies, high-waisted pants, and those sweet, sweet tunes they were always playing in the background. While the stars on this list all got a taste of that fame, they’re also still strutting their stuff on the red carpets today.

Here are ten 90s stars who are still relevant today.

Utah Video Production Blog 131: The 10 Highest Grossing Movies Directed By Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is a prolific filmmaker whose works have touched the minds and hearts of movie lovers since the 1970s. Spielberg’s filmography contains the world’s greatest actors performing in some of the greatest stories ever told, resulting in some of the greatest box office figures of all time.

Today, we will focus on the top 10 highest performing films by Steven Spielberg at the box office. These totals are unadjusted for inflation and account for worldwide box office results.

Expect to see a lot of brown, fur-felt fedora hats and a few dinosaurs before we reach the number 1 on the list!

Utah Video Production Blog 128: 10 Celebrities Who Play Dumb But Are Actually Brilliant

We live in a world where we know every superficial thing about our favorite celebrities; what they eat, who they date, what they wear. Our society puts so much emphasis on material things that we loose value in people’s intelligence. There are so many idiots that are famous in this generation. Countless uneducated reality stars are viewed as more successful than people who have worked hard to earn an education and to make an honest living. It’s sad to think that Hollywood is filled with brilliant minds like Emma Watson, and yet we choose to focus instead on Kim Kardashian. There are so many celebrities that are household names because of their beauty or body of work and somehow the world has no idea how brilliant their minds are.

The following ten celebrities are all extremely well known, extremely talented and most importantly Extremely intelligent. Their success in show business has taken away from their academic success, however the following ten celebrities are what we call the complete package. They have used their talent to get them to where they are and have used their intelligence to stay there.

We as a society should start putting more emphasis on what is inside people’s heads as opposed to what is on them or under them. Beauty fades, but our minds are the true legacies we leave behind.

Utah Video Production Blog 126: 10 Movie Directors You Never Knew Got Fired On Set

Making movies is no easy task. From managing huge budgets to people on set just being divas, the pressure to spin a tale convincingly and get the fans in theaters to watch can be a big weight on anyone’s shoulder.

Movie sets are a haven for frayed nerves and flaring tempers. Film production companies are notorious for firing staff at the drop of a hat. Many celebrities have been kicked off the movies they were starring in.

Sometimes, people barely take notice as egos get kicked off the shoot early in production, and an astute director finds a way to work in a new actor. Other times, they are noticeably absent, and the movie finds a way to kill them off.

The age-old excuse is to ascribe such firing to ‘artistic differences’. A seasoned actor may have his own ideas while the consummate director has a script he is bent on sticking to, leading to an inevitable clash. In some cases, it’s just really bad form on one person’s part, thanks to some really dumb decisions.

Megan Fox lost her place in Transformers: Age of Extinction for comparing director Michael Bay to Hitler. The film’s executive producer, Steven Spielberg, was having none of that and got her booted off the movie. Lindsay Lohan got the heave-ho from Georgia Rule for constantly showing up late. Movies are on a very strict schedule and one person choosing to be a diva just won’t work.

Regardless of genre, many movies through cinematic history have had cast and crew replaced. The following are some of the directors that  actually got the boot – often while shooting!