Utah Video Production Blog 121: 10 Worrying Ways Comic Book Movies Risk Becoming Stale

At the moment, comic book movies are enjoying almost unrivalled success and are currently ruling the roost in Hollywood. For instance, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time and the likes of Fox’s X-Men and Warner Brothers’/DC’s own expanded movie universe are amongst the most talked-about franchises in the industry.

With that in mind, it’s hard to see where it could all possibly go wrong for the genre. Marvel Studios, Fox and Warner Brothers/DC all have movies planned for the foreseeable future, so they obviously have confidence in their productions and aren’t predicting a slump in the demand for them.

However, for some fans of the genre, it’s actually becoming worryingly apparent that it could all go wrong relatively soon if certain changes aren’t made and if certain things don’t start to happen fast. That’s right, the unthinkable might occur and comic book movies might start to wane as a collective entity.

This article will take a look at why that might happen and, subsequently, what could and should be done to rectify the issues in question and keep the genre fresh and interesting. Here are ten ways comic book movies risk becoming stale.