Utah Video Production Blog 133: 10 Stars From The ’90s Who Are Still Relevant Today

Countless big stars from the 1990s ended up fading into obscurity, going from household names to someone you vaguely recognize but can’t quite place. Many former ’90s stars made it big while they were quite young, and just never ended up succeeding in the entertainment industry as adults. Others were known for one particular show and could never shake their iconic role. Regardless of the reason, there are a lot of 90s stars that end up all but disappearing from Hollywood, going on to live plain, boring, regular lives.

However, there are a few exceptions, stars that managed to make it big and continue their fame and success for decades. Some stars on this list have remained in the spotlight pretty much continuously; others have taken a brief hiatus, stepped back for a period of time, and then returned in a blaze of glory.

When you think of former 90s stars, you probably have nostalgic memories of curly phony cords, scrunchies, high-waisted pants, and those sweet, sweet tunes they were always playing in the background. While the stars on this list all got a taste of that fame, they’re also still strutting their stuff on the red carpets today.

Here are ten 90s stars who are still relevant today.