Utah Video Production Blog 138: 10 Of The Best Acting Career Comebacks Of All Time

Even if you’re not a celebrity, you know that Hollywood can be a very fickle place to work. One day, a celebrity can be on the cover of virtually every magazine and tour the country for interviews, and the next day, that same celebrity can become a forgotten memory in the minds of the public, and have a hard time getting jobs.

Some celebrities who were once on the Hollywood A List end up living the glamorous life for a while when they’re unable to get gigs. Some start their own businesses or endorse products until they are able to get acting work again. Other celebrities fall off the radar for years and the public barely remembers them until they happen to make the news for something negative.

Fortunately, there are some actors who are lucky enough to make a comeback. Maybe it’s not “luck” entirely. Some of these actors have kept their professional connections over the years, and an opportunity finally came up for them to show their talent again. Others revamped their image to be more appealing. Either way, we’re sure these creative professionals are sure to be back in the spotlight again. Here are 10 of the greatest acting career comebacks.