Utah Video Production Blog 142: The 10 Youngest Most Powerful Women in the World

Women rock, we do not need to tell you that. But what you may not know is that some of the most powerful women on earth are also some of the youngest talents we have ever seen. Entertainers, models, writers, activists…these are ten young ladies who are totally kicking butt in the world! They are globally-recognized and are bound to only continue excelling and maybe even surpass those decades older than them!

Some of the women on this list are only in their teens, but they have made such an impact in the world that they are deserving of a place among the most powerful. Many of them have used their high-profile status to make life better for those who are less fortunate. While their actions and passions vary in importance, their net worth and influence in the world entitle them to a place on this list. Have fun sifting through the ten outrageously successful females here and you may find some inspiration for your own endeavors.

These women are the ones we want to keep our eyes on. We expect wonderful things from them, whether we are listening to their songs, seeing them on the news, or supporting their efforts as they pursue their passions and causes