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Job Description:

Rescue 1 Studios is a creative task force. We tell compelling stories with technical expertise,  artistic insight,  and unbridled innovation. Our clients receive state-of-the-art digital media created with passion and grit. Our work, from the initial concept to the final result, celebrates the imagination of our clients and the genius of our team.

We are looking for a creative individual to fill a FULL TIME  Digital Artist position. The majority of the work will be done in an office setting, however, this position occasionally helps with video shoots, moving equipment, writing scripts, attending meetings with team members, and other industry related duties.

Benefits & Expectations:

Work Schedule

The length of a normal work day at Rescue 1 Studios is 8 hours from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, with a one hour lunch. Conflicts with this normal schedule, including employee tardiness, lunches longer than an hour, leaving early, and half or full days off need to be communicated with HR.  Film shoots, by nature, often take place outside the normal schedule. Employees will be notified of shoot times as soon as the information becomes available.

The length of a normal work week is 40 hours. However, salaried employees may legally be asked by the company to work more than 40 hours in a week without an adjustment in compensation. Though we consider our work very important, Rescue 1 Studios is committed to help each employee maintain a healthy balance between work and their personal life.


Beginning salaries range from $24k to $30k ($12-$15 an hour) depending on experience. Raises are to be anticipated and are driven by the employee’s effort and the company’s growth, but are at the full discretion of Rescue 1 Studios.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Each employee receives .05 hours of PTO for each hour worked as recorded in the Billable Hours section of our time management software. Working full time it can be expected to earn between 12-14 days of PTO. Generally, PTO can be used when a request is made by email to HR with at least two weeks notice. PTO can also used for time away from work for illness, doctor appointments, family needs and emergencies, funerals, etc. When these events happen suddenly and advance notice cannot be given, HR will work with employees on an individual basis to make sure personal needs and company needs are met. Typically, PTO is used in either full day or half day segments.

Paid Holidays

Paid holidays are determined at the sole discretion of Rescue 1 Studios and DO NOT count against an employees PTO. Typically, paid holidays include Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July.


Rescue 1 Studios reserves the right to award employees financial bonuses at the company’s discretion. When a bonus opportunity becomes available, it will come as a written offer that employees can accept or decline.

Company Phone Benefit

Employees, after 90 days of employment, have the option to use a company phone as their personal phone as outlined in the employee handbook. In the event of termination in employment, the phone is returned to Rescue 1 Studios. Spouses of employees have the option to participate in the company phone plan at their own cost. Typically, the cost is $20.00 per month plus the cost of the device.

Supplemental Heath Insurance

Employees may choose to participate in a Supplemental Health Insurance plan. The monthly premium is payed half by the employee and half by Rescue 1 Studios.


•Animating and rigging 2D assets

•Setting up scenes in Cinema 4D as well as texturing & animation in C4D

•3D and 2D camera tracking

•Preparing 3D geometry for photo real rendering

•Convert logo files from client to vector files

•Working with Adobe Illustrator files and creating assets in Adobe Illustrator

•Assisting with the production team acquiring A-roll and B-roll footage and equipment set up and take down

•Assisting the Editing department with editing projects into their final story

•Present artwork to team members and clients

Qualifications & Skills Required:

•Knowledge of Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, and Element 3D

•Knowledge of VFX techniques in After Effects (i.e. roto scoping, green screen keying, sky replacement, blemish removal, etc.)

•Basic knowledge of both PC and MAC

•Familiar with project management

•1 year experience in graphics and video production work

•Ability to self-manage and self-motivate

•Ability to communicate well with others

•Ability to self-teach new principles

•Ability to meet deadlines consistently

•Ability to carry 50 lbs up to 50 ft

•Must be open to constructive feedback on artwork

•High school diploma or equivalent

•Valid driver’s license

To Apply:

Please email your resume and a link to your demo reel, portfolio, or any previous work to: